Tahoe Mountain School

Recommended Summer Climbing Equipment List

Personal Equipment:

  • Clothing for activities in potentially hot to sometimes cool conditions
  • Climbing shorts or loose fitting comfortable shorts
  • Light weight climbing pants
  • Light weight wind breaker or light weight rain jacket
  • Sunglasses and sunhat
  • Small personal first aid kit (sunscreen/lip-balm, moleskin, band-aids, medication, etc.)
  • 1 liter Water Bottle or more depending on course
  • Climbing pack or day pack (25 to 30L)
  • Snacks and/or lunch depending on course

Personal Climbing Equipment:

  • Climbing helmet, harness, and rock climbing shoes are provided on every course.
  • All group climbing equipment and gear is provided on all courses.
  • If you own any of your own gear (helmet, harness, rock shoes) feel free to bring them.